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Bite That Tit Nudie Wrestling

"These two nudie wrestlers are getting into it now, biting tits and pulling each other's clothes off just like I love! Seeing two young sluts battling each other like a couple of street whores just gets me SO fucking hot, you know? And don't think for a moment that the girls aren't getting hot and horny themselves. I've seen many a bitch battle end in some ferocious pussy licking! I even once saw a girl make another girl lick her sweaty brown asshole right there in the ring right in front of the whole crowd! Grabbed her by the hair and made her taste her hairy bunghole for a good ten minutes. It was at a private female fighting club and the action was some of the hottest female erotic wrestling I've ever seen! It was awesome!"

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Posted: Tuesday 30th September 2008, 12:26 PM

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