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Topless Female Weight Lifting

Work those pecs!

"My training partner Kathy and I almost always work out topless when we're doing our chest routines. How else can you see if your hitting the right angles and working the pecs? The gym we workout at is next to a nude beach so they're really cool about any nudity, but some of the older patrons that come in freak out sometimes seeing two women lifting weights with their tits out! LOL! I even had some young college girl once say "At your age you should be wearing a shirt!" Give me a break! At our "age" a women can do what she wants! I can't wait to see her tits and ass after two kids and twenty years! She'll either be in the gym blasting her abs or at Wal-Mart wearing her size 44 stretch pants!"

Time for some topless female weight lifting so get to it!


Posted: Monday 25th August 2008, 12:08 PM

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